[LAMRECOR] Logistica avanzata per la mobilità di persone e merci: modelli matematici e sperimentazioni per nuovi protocolli di recapito della corrispondenza


The LAMRECOR project (Advanced Logistics for people and goods mobility: mathematical models and trials related to new protocols for mail delivery) develops a set of technological solutions and services for advanced logistic, through a high integration of the sorting and delivery system of mail and other postal products of Poste Italiane SpA, with innovative ICT technologies regarding data acquisition, components, modelling, development of processing system, data transmission, and information to customers.

Italy is the country with the highest amount of motorized mobility per capita. This scenario does not only affect the mobility of people but also the mobility of goods. Private land transports covers about 82% of demand. It is recorded a sustained growth of the transport of motorcycles and mopeds. The goods continue to travel mainly by road (71.9% in 2008), boat (18.3%) and for a little part on rails (9.8%).

One of the areas of the project is its logistics systems based on two-wheeled vehicles. This topic affects a growing number of operators in Europe and that is especially important in our country, where the spread of motorcycles – both in professional and daily activities increase everyday – is particularly relevant.
The developed technologies in this project and the obtained results are, therefore, interesting to a large number of companies operating in the business, and help themselves to the development of a wide range of services to citizens that affect a very wide audience of users.

The aim of the project is the analysis of transportation activities of Poste Italiane operators and goods through the implementation of monitoring systems. Such systems, through integrated experimentation of technological innovations, will disseminate best practices and innovative solutions applicable to minimizing the environmental impact of the fleet of vehicles, the optimization of production processes, enhance the level of safety of the operators, that are developed on the analysis of data related to the handling of goods/equipment, implemented through the creation and implementation of multi-sensor systems and the development and design of assistive devices for situations emergency.


  1. Poste Italiane S.P.A.
  2. C.I.R.P.
  3. ENEA
  4. BWAYsrl
  5. MAC & NIL
  6. AURIGA srl

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See Post: Advanced Logistics for people and goods mobility: mathematical models and trials related to new protocols for mail delivery (LAMRECOR project)