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In this page, you can find the list of the main research projects I have been involved with.

However, if you are interested in the main technologies I developed, please go to: Technologies

Supporting Editorial Activities at Springer Nature

Project - Supporting Editorial Activities at Springer Nature

The project aims at fostering Springer Nature editorial activities by supporting them with a variety of smart solutions leveraging artificial intelligence, data mining, and semantic technologies. In particular, the KMi team will support Springer Nature editorial team in classifying proceedings and other editorial products, taking informed decisions about their marketing strategy, and improve their internal classification.


Project - CityLABS

CityLabs is a place for SMEs to work with academic and industry leaders to develop concepts into prototypes for new products and services in the digital economy. Particularly focused on data driven and IoT developments, the CityLabs team will support SMEs with a programme of Urban Business Lab, TECH Evaluation and Prototyping, GRANTS for developing concepts and access to the MK Data Hub.

Augur: Early Detection of Research Trends [PhD]

Project - Augur: Early Detection of Research Trends [PhD]

Augur is a novel approach to effectively detect the emergence of new research topics. Augur analyses the diachronic relationships between research areas and is able to detect clusters of topics that exhibit dynamics correlated with the emergence of new research topics.

MK:SMART – Garden Monitor

Project - MK:SMART – Garden Monitor

Garden Monitor is a mobile application developed in the context of the MK:Smart project. This project is developing innovative solutions to tackle key sustainability issues and support economic growth in Milton Keynes.

Smart Health 2.0

Project - Smart Health 2.0

The goal of the project "Smart Health 2.0" is the realization of a technological system that implements an innovative model of healthcare based on the paradigm of digital open architecture, modular and scalable. The system allows to enable the development of new models of applicative cooperation among different operating entities in the field of Health, so that they can actively participate in the re-engineering of processes, using a common semantics for effective and efficient sharing of information


Project - Lamrecor

The LAMRECOR project (Advanced Logistics for people and goods mobility: mathematical models and trials related to new protocols for mail delivery) develops a set of technological solutions and services for advanced logistic, through a high integration of the sorting and delivery system of mail and other postal products of Poste Italiane SpA, with innovative ICT technologies regarding data acquisition, components, modelling, development of processing system, data transmission, and information to customers.

SS-RR: Development of a System for Resonance Detection

Project - SS-RR: Development of a System for Resonance Detection

The SS-RR project aims to develop methodologies for the detection of harmony levels between one or more people in relation to external stimuli. For example, the measure of satisfaction gradient of an interlocutor, happiness gradient of an interviewed person and so on.