Using FFMPEG in C++ with Qt Creator

C++ and FFMPEG sometimes have an argument. With this article I want to describe how to make peace between them. In the bottom of the article there are two files. The first one is a pdf file where I describe how to implement a wrapper that allows programmers to use FFMPEG in C++ code, the second one is an archive (7zip) where is stored a Qt project, that uses FFMPEG library to create a simple sound. I hope that this article can help desperate programmers.

Paper Abstract

This paper aims to give some tips that allows programmers to use FFMPEG library in C++ and to create an own project with Qt Creator. First of all, I want to say sorry about my english, but this is the correct way to improve it and make more international this wiki. The examples that will be shown below are completely tested on Ubuntu OS. (See the pfd file for more)


Adobe fileDownload the wiki (.pdf): UsingFFMPEGinCwithQtCreator.pdf

Download the Qt Creator example (.7z): fooAudioFFMPEG.7z