The AIDA Dashboard: Analysing Conferences with Semantic Technologies

The AIDA Dashboard: Analysing Conferences with Semantic Technologies” is a demo paper submitted to the Posters and Demos tracks of the 19th International Semantic Web Conference.


Simone Angioni1, Francesco Osborne2, Angelo A. Salatino2, Diego Reforgiato Recupero1, Enrico Motta2

1 University of Cagliari, Via Università 40, 09124 Cagliari

2 Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, MK7 6AA, Milton Keynes, UK



Scientific conferences play a crucial role in the field of Computer Science by promoting the cross-pollination of ideas and technologies, fostering new collaborations, shaping scientific communities, and connecting research efforts from academia and industry. However, current systems for analysing research data do not provide a good representation of conferences. Specifically, these solutions do not allow to track research trends, to compare conferences in similar fields, and to analyse the involvement of industrial sectors. In order to address these limitations, we developed the AIDA Dashboard, a tool for exploring and making sense of scientific conferences which integrates statistical analysis, semantic technologies, and visual analytics.


Figure 1: The Overview of the International Semantic Web Conference according to the AIDA Dashboard.

Link to the Dashboard:


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